Is SPF Boost a “sunscreen pill”?

No, SPF Boost is not a sunscreen pull. The FDA has issued warnings against so-called “sunscreen pills” and SPF Boost encourages the general public to avoid such pills, since they do not have a proven track record for the claims they make and do not replace sunscreen. SPF Boost, on the other hand, has clinically proven ingredients and is dermatologist developed.


Can I use SPF Boost instead of sunscreen?

SPF Boost should be used together with sunscreen. While using SPF Boost is better than using nothing, significant exposure to the sun will result in skin damage without robust skin protection - sunscreen, skin protective clothing and other best practices, including SPF Boost.


I have a family history of skin cancer. Do you recommend I use SPF Boost?

Yes! Since SPF Boost is made from a fern that demonstrates skin protecting qualities, it may decrease your cancer risk if used frequently and consistently.


Do I need to take vitamin D supplements if I take SPF Boost?

2 capsules of SPF Boost includes nearly 100% of the daily value of vitamin D! If you have specific vitamin D needs, contact your physician with questions.